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March 15


Robert Wangila Napunyi story

By Phillip Corry

Robert "Napunyi" Wangila made history in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 by becoming the first African boxer to win an Olympic Gold medal. He bettered the performance of his countryman, Philip Waruinge who became the first African to reach the finals during Munich Olympics in 1972, only to be beaten by then Soviet Union's Boris Kousnetsov in a controversial decision. continue

“Come Out Joppy”!
By middleweight contender Evans Ashira Oure.

Hey William Joppy!

My name is Evans Ashira Oure, “The African Warrior”. I am the former undefeated IBA world middleweight champion and current WBA international middleweight Champ, ranked # 11 in the world by the WBA . 21-0 as a professional, with 11 knockouts.

I would like to call out the big boys one by one starting with you! If you didn’t hear me the last time I called you, then listen now; I am calling you to bring it on!

I really feel I deserve a shot more than any of the other WBA contenders. Take a look at who these guys beat in their last three or four fights. I know I beat better fighters than any of them did.

So don’t use the excuse that you wont get anything out of fighting me. If you are a real champion, you should fight the best available contender. And that is me!

You already beat Howard Eastman, Trinidad says he is retired, Cherifi lost his last two fights (and fought only bums before that), Keith Holmes had his shot, Bert Shenk only fights dead people, and the rest of these guys don’t want to have any part of opponents with a pulse either. I do!

Bring on your world title, because personally I know I can pick up the title you have, and then follow up with the others involved. With whoever holds those big titles!

So, for your information, this is an easy fight for you, since no one out there in the USA knows me, you will be the favourite. Then I would whoop your ass bad, and take the title.

And if you don’t like this, lets take a sparring session of six rounds on one of the big cards out there, and then you will be safe enough, be course after I whoop you, you will still keep your title.

Let me hear you say something! I think you are hiding! It has been a long time since I told you to bring it on, but you just chilled. Come on out of the shell man!

If you are still silent then tell us what we should call you? Shell-boy or what? Or the hiding champ? Hear this: I want the opportunity to take your world title. Bring it, I’m right here!

Evans “The African Warrior” Ashira.

Former undefeated IBF Intercontinental 154 lb. champion.
Former undefeated IBA world middleweight champion.
Reigning WBA International middleweight champion.

Professional record:

Evans Ashira Oure (Denmark/Kenya)

27.3.1998 Aarhus, Den. Konstantin Dima TKO 2

8.5.1998. Horsens, Den. Nikolaj Bencsik TKO 1

22.6.1998. Outrup, Den. Eric Daponte TKO 3

28.8.1998. Aarhus, Den. Djaafar Filali KO 4

30.10.1998. Odensen, Den. Eduardo Carrion TKO 2

17.11.1998. Aarhus, Den. Gyorgy Lakata TKO 2

22.1.1999. Jetsmark, Den. Vincent Mendy W8

5.3.1999. Give, Den. Jorge Vaca W10

26.3.1999. Aarhus, Den. Silvio L.Peppino KO 9
(wins vacant IBF intercontinental light middleweight title)
23.4.1999. Varde, Den. Mario Lupp W6

25.6.1999. Aarhus, Den. Bahri Ahmeti W8

13.8.1999. Skagen, Den. Anthony Ivory W8

10.9.1999. Struer, Den. Mack Razor W8

5.11.1999. Aalborg, Den. Jason Hart TKO 3

28.1.2000. Egtved, Den. Darren Maciunski TKO 7
(retains IBF intercontinental light middleweight title)
25.5.2000. Frederiksværk, Den. Octavian Stoica W8

19.8.2000. Silkeborg, Den. Sydney Msutu TKO 8

9.9.2000. Jetsmark, Den. Muhammed Boualleg W6

24.11.2000. Randers, Den. Olivier Meunier W8

16.6.2001. Brøndby, Den. Fredrik Alvarez KO 11
(wins vacant WBA international & IBA middleweight titles)
19.4.2002. Aarhus, Den. Francisco Mora W12
(retains WBA international middleweight title)


Undefeated WBC welterweight king, Vernon "Viper" Forrest from Atlanta, GA now (34-0) with 27 KO's faces former champion, "Sugar" Shane Mosely on a rematch at the Conseco Fieldhouse, in Indianapolis, IN on July 20, 2002.

Mosely has lost to Forrest twice. First, in amateurs in 1992 olympic trials. Second, as a professional on January 29,2002. Shane lost his first professional fight to WBC welterweight and former IBF Champion, Vernon Forrest by a 12 round decision at Madison Square Garden.

Shane was rocked by the 7-1 underdog in the 2nd round putting Mosely's back on the canvas. This here will be another war!

Again the fire is on. Please email us your predictions.

Interview with Vernon Forrest
Click here for news

On January 12, 2002 at the COX Pavillion in Las Vegas, WBO unbeaten Jr. Lightweight champion, Acelino Freitas,handed Joel Casamayor his first professional defeat to capture the WBA junior lightweight championship. Now Freitas will have to face his WBO number one mandatory contender, undefeated WBO number one , Daniel "The Prophet" Attah. Click here for more
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Interview with Casamayor
Interview with Casamayor's Trainer, Joe Goosen
De La Hoya and Vargas take verbal jabs at each other

I made Tyson a lot of money, Look at him now!

Ali and George Foreman that promised bother champions more than $5 million each, an unbeard of amount at the time when his financial backers lost faith and pulled out and everyone else turned their back on Don, he held the fight together on his own and took it to Zaire, Africa. He proved the doubters and critics wrong by staging one of the greatest fights in heavyweight history with "The Rumble in the Jungle in 1974.

King was named among Illustrated's 40 most influential sports figures in the passed 40 years in 1994. He was also was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997. Here's what King had to say.... Click here to read more

ALI! The movie

"I'm the greatest.... said Ali."

"I'll be free, or I'll die" said George Harrison, "My Country, what Country have I, but the grave,.....ok.... I thought that there were more than that, but I can't find them all right now."

"We're deeply touched by the outpouring of love and compassion from people around the world, " said Harrison's wife, Olivia and son, Dhani."
Click here to read a review of the new Ali movie.....

Interview with Evander Holyfield
He's fought everyone and didn't duck anyone. A true warrior with a boom beach online lion heart, courage and toughness. No one else in the history of the boxing has held the heavyweight crown four times and now Evander "the Real Deal" Holyfield is striving to win his fifth heavyweight title.The "Real Deal" certainly is one of the most exciting fighters to ever step into the ring. His second match with former undisputed heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was the most watched pay-per-view event ever. "I remember when we were amateurs we trained together," said Evander on Mike Tyson. "I even sparred with him back then. They had to get him out of there because he was a heavyweight and I was a light heavyweight and I was whupping him.
Here's what the four-time champion had to say....more

Conversation with the UNDISPUTED middleweight Champ Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins the undisputed King of the middleweight division was in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Park Casino to receive a trophy as the fighter of the year and also to make his training debut. Bernard worked the corner of lightweight contender Calvin "Cheesesteak" Davis who scored an entertaining unanimous decision victory over his tough Mexican opponent. Despite becoming a worldwide celebrity since his knockout victory over Felix Trinidad at Madison Square Garden, Bernard has remained one of the most down to earth athletes you will ever meet. He spent several hours signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans of Los Angeles. To give another example of how great a guy Bernard is I must relay this story. Prior to the Keith Holmes fight Bernard was training in Las Vegas. As he drove to Johnny Tocco's Gym to work out he spotted Jacboxing.com Editor Ike Enwereuzor walking down the street. Bernard turned around, picked up Ike and drove him to the gym where Ike happened to be heading anyhow to see the middleweight champ working out. That story should give readers an idea of what type of guy Bernard is. Paul Morgan of Jacboxing.com had a chance to talk with Bernard at the fights this past Thursday. Here is what the champ had to say..more

Not to be out done by GOOFI, the boxer formerly known as Lance Whittaker, reports have it that promoter Bob Arum is seriously thinking of changing his name to "Sponge Bob SquarePants". Calls to Arum's office today went unanswered. Other report that state that rival promoter Don King is having his name changed to the numerals 98718 have been denied by a spokesman at the King office's in New York

Lennox Lewis, greatest heavyweight champion of all time
By Scoop Malinowski

Now that Lennox Lewis has confounded his critics once again, in spectacular style, I'd like to offer an unconventional but logical opinion that is certain to arouse condemnation. Lennox Lewis may be the greatest heavyweight champion of all-times. His
intelligent style of hit and don't be hit has prevented him from suffering the permanent damage Ali has and enabled him to post what many consider his finest hour - the 4th round KO of Rahman at the age of 36. He has beaten every man he has ever boxed. He has won the title three times. He has always carried himself as a true noble champion should - never having to sink so
as to call his opponents ugly gorilla or uncle tom for a pyschological edge. Lennox Lewis, greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Perhaps this
notion will seem even more acceptable after Mike Tyson is being revived with smelling salts after another spectacular knockout by Lennox.

Here is some News that might interest Michael Rask and maybe Paolo Roberto! Former WBC junior middleweight Champion Javier Castillejo will return to the ring in January. The skill-full Ex-champ that fought such a brave fight against Oscar De La Hoya last time out will probably take on fellow Spaniard Xavier Moya (28-2-1). Interestingly enough French WBA International champion Mamadou Thiam successfully defended his title in Bondy France in the weekend (Saturday). He stopped lightly regarded Hungarian György Bugyik in three rounds. A fight against Fernando Vargas could be next in line for him! more

Question & Answer with Promoter Burchfield & Richard Grant

JIMMY BURCHFIELD - President, Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc

What is your affiliation with Richard Grant what drew you to him?

JB: I am his promoter and I have been since 1998. We had an open spot on one of our cards and my matchmaker Ted Panagiotis suggest we use Richard. Ted had been in conversation with his trainer Owen Campbell and had heard good things about Richard despite his 5-5 record. I thought I would give him a shot and he performed excellent in beating a very game Derrick Whitley - who himself has went on to really score some big wins. We brought him back to take on former NABF champ Scott Pemberton. Grant wobbled Scott pretty bad in the 3rd round, but Pemberton is a HUGE puncher and he rallied back in the 4th to stop Richard. But, even in defeat he showed great charisma and the fans really took to him. more

In Rustys corner

by Rusty Rubin, managing editor, Ring Sports Magazine

Tyson-Mercer Jan. 19.

Ringsports.com is up and running. Check it out.

First, a very happy Thanksgiving holiday to all our friends in this great sport.

An alleged injury to Wladamir Klitschko has made it easy for Mike Tyson to fight Ray Mercer on January 19. The question that should be asked is not if Klitschko has a legitimate injury, but if Mercer is the type of opponent Tyson needs to face, assuming he intends to face Lewis next. continue

Interview ... with "Lady mongoose" J'Marie Moore

How was the funeral service for legendary trainer Eddie Futch?

It was absolutely an honour and celebration of a "One in a million MAN!"

How was your dad's relationship with Futch?
It was mutual respect and high admiration ...more

No Bout About it!

J'Marie Moore

No Matter what you want to say, you must give "props" where they are do
Martin .... All the right Stuff!

We can all take lessons from Martin in many astuce clash of clans areas . Moore than anything, in training, management and promotion. From the beginning, Martin; basically an "unknown" took all the right "Boxn' Steps to be where she is today. Her first 20 fights . well "That's boxn
The road was not always "pink" between the promoter and her. When she feels he is wrong she takes him to court or refuses to fight. Her opponents always seemed smaller, less experienced. Until Lucia Rieker hit the scene!

Thiam stops Bugyik

By Christian Chataigner

Hard puncher Mamadou Thiam (38-2; 35 KOs) stopped Hungarian journeyman György Bugyik (6-5-1) in three rounds tonight in Bondy, France, and
retained his WBA-Intl title at 154 lbs. Thiam is now supposed to fight WBA champ Fernando Vargas next January in the USA.

Tszyu Judah and the future of Tszyu

Kostya Tszyu scored a controversial TKO victory over Zab Judah at the MGM grand in Las Vegas on November 3rd to become the Unified Jr. Welterweight champion of the world. Judah was hit with two right hands at the end of the second round and knocked down. Referee Jay Nady called a halt to the bout when Judah fell flat on his face after attempting to get up from the knockdown. Although Nady only counted to four it appeared that Judah would have had little chance of regaining his equilibrium and was doomed for a KO loss the following round. Judah behaved in a disgusting manner after the bout and most likely will not recieve his entire purse from the fight.

Gary Shaw of Main Events and Showtime appeared anxious to make a rematch at the post fight press conference. However, Wharton did not seem nearly as anxious. I had a chance to speak with Wharton later that evening and he did not give any indication that a rematch would ever occur, let alone the immediate rematch desired by team Judah and Main Events. Possible opponents mentioned for Tszyu by his promoter were Mickey Ward, Antonio Diaz or Arturo Gatti. Wharton denied rumors that Tszyu's next defense would be a rematch with the only man to defeat him, "Cool" Vince Phillips. Phillips was at the press conference clamoring for a rematch with Tszyu as he boasted about being the only man to knock Tszyu out. Wharton said that Phillips would need to beat a few contenders to make himself a legitimate opponent for Tszyu, who was now unified champion and WBA "super" champion. When I asked Mr. Wharton what his thoughts on a mega fight between World Welterweight Champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley and Tszyu were, he seemed a bit apprehensive about that match up for his meal ticket. Wharton praised Mosley as a truly great fighter and said he would have to ask Kostya if he was interested in that bout. With Mosley moving up to 154lbs after his January fight with Vernon Forrest do not look for a Mosley Tszyu bout to materialize anytime soon.

Neil Kapin

Mayweather vs Chavez
Boxing returned to San Francisco in a big way this past Saturday as Floyd Mayweather headlined a very good HBO double header at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. There were between 7000 and 7500 fans crammed into the arena, with many standing in whatever open space was available. Mayweather was very sharp in stopping the game Jesus Chavez after 9 rounds. Chavez's trainer Ronnie Shields called a stop to the bout after round nine when he refused to let Chavez leave the corner for the following round. more...

An Open Letter from Anthony Mundine
On Monday morning, statements attributed to me and reported around the world have been taken out of context by the Australian media portraying me as an
uncaring and inconsiderate individual.

I sincerely apologise to any person who may have been offended, who may have read or heard my comments.

I condemn killings on any side and all acts terrorism. I am against any form or any shape of violence or killing.

I know people who were in New York on September 11 and my heart and soul goes out to those families who lost loved ones. I've experienced the grief of losing people close to myself and I know how it feels. In that situation the grief and sorrow would be unbearable.

People who know me well, know that I am a peaceful man. I fight for injustices, I fight for my people and I fight for the true meaning of life.

War is not the answer. There is going to be more killing, there is going to be more grief and there is going to be more sorrow around the world. For humanity as one, that isn't good. I'm for what benefits humanity.

Reports from Australia made me out to be something that I am not. Hopefully you can see that I am sincere and understand that.

Again, I apologise for any hurt that I have caused and ask for the forgiveness and understanding of the people of the world. What has been reported is not the real me.

Anthony Mundine


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Interview with Winky Wright

IBF Jr middleweight champion Ronald "Winky" Wright defends his title, Febuary 2 in Miami, Florida against TBA
- Photo: Neil Kapin



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